Welcome to 5 Algorithms Every Web Developer Can Use and Understand!

We have compiled a short primer for web developers on how and when to harness the power of algorithms in your website or other web applications. Each chapter features one algorithm available with the Algorithmia API. Using this tool, developers with limited background in mathematics can access these amazing utilities. In fact, only basic, high-school level mathematics is used in this book. However, even if you are an advanced mathematician, the examples may still prove to be useful, because they clearly display how to use the API within your application.

The world of algorithms is as endless as it is fascinating. Working as a programmer encourages us to pick up new tools and bring them into our applications. However, if we never take the time to explore the areas we are not familiar with, then we could be missing opportunities to write better code. I believe that the five algorithms featured here are some of the most practical for web engineers to use in their applications. Harnessing the Algorithmia API takes these complex challenges - related to both computation and infrastructure - and turns them in to low hanging fruit.